Have you been doing the “same old, same old” when it comes to marketing your business? Do you need new, fresh ways in order to reach new clients and to keep current clients happy and engaged? There are more effective ays to market your business — some may be new, others may just be a re-vamp of what you’re currently doing both online and off to market your business.

Effective Ways To Market Your Business

  1. Do you have an easily recognizable logo? Do you need a new logo? Is your logo dated? Ask a trusted colleague or a design professional whether your logo needs some new life breathed into it.
  2. Are you reaching out to clients and potential clients through a focused email marketing strategy? If you’re not using email marketing you are missing opportunities. Do you have a sign up on your website to capture the names of visitors? Are you offering a freebie that draws in new potential newsletter clients?
  3. Are you blogging effectively? In other words do you have a strategy that supports the rest of your marketing efforts? Are you blogging consistently? Are you using key words that make sense for your business? If you’re a brick and mortar, are you using local keywords? Blogging is a great way to expand your reach and help your business be found in a Google search … if used effectively.
  4. Video is in. Are you making videos for your business? Have you taken blog content you’ve written and repurposed it into short video snippets? If not, why not? Get over your fear of being in front of the camera and start recording short videos.
  5. Don’t worry about what the competition is doing. Take care of your own clients and your own backyard. Grow your own community and give your clients unique and stellar customer service.

What are you doing to effectively market your business? Where do you need help? Let us know, we can help you with your online and offline marketing strategy.

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