Have you ever had so many Zoom or other virtual platform, meetings in all of your time of being an entrepreneur? We certainly haven’t. For some people, interacting with clients or attending networking events was part of their daily lives. For others, they toiled away at home with an occasional phone call, but no so much virtual face to face. Because so many changes have come about because of coronavirus, we may still find ourselves working from home even when it all gets back to “normal.” If you haven’t already, embrace Zoom technology for networking.

We have tips to help you make the most of it. Hint: It’s not much different than face to face

Embrace Zoom Technology For Networking

Either embrace virtual networking or up your virtual networking game with these tips.

  1. Have a goal in mind. Do you want to find a new client? Connect more fully with your current clients? Do you want a job? Do you want to be the go-to expert? You can have more than one goal, but make sure you have focus.
  2. Connect before, if possible with other attendees. If you can’t connect before because there was no guest list given out, then make sure you connect afterwards. By connect we don’t mean add someone to your newsletter list without their permission.
  3. Be prepared. Have your elevator pitch aka business story, prepared. Have a stable internet connection. Make sure your mic and speakers work.
  4. Be prepared to write. Many virtual networking events involve some writing — answering and asking questions, introducing yourself to others. Make sure you’re spelling correctly and using proper grammar. This will be your first — and maybe only — interaction; make a good impression.
  5. When you make a connection at a virtual event, ask the person with whom you’ve connected, “Hey can I share some of this great information with a colleague?” They may be flattered and will want to connect more fully with you. Tweet or share snippets of what you’ve learned at the event.
  6. BONUS tip: Check your background. Make sure the attendees don’t see that you’re in the bathroom taking the meeting because it has the best acoustics. Check all your background items because you don’t want personal info broadcast in the meeting.

How has your networking changed since coronavirus? Has it been better? Worse? What do you miss the most?

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