When is the last time you truly looked at your website? Is it current? Do you have up-to-date information? Have you updated colors, services, products, personnel, etc.? Is your site so outdated and takes so long to load that you don’t even look relevant? How to revamp your website in 2021 is something you should write on your calendar as a big to-do!

Do you know whether your website is working for you? How much traffic is coming your way because of people coming to your site? Are you getting interaction and comments on your blog posts? Is your site working for you at all? Are people signing up for your newsletter?

There are a lot of questions to think about and answer to determine whether your site needs to be revamped.

If you’re updating your website and all you hear are crickets, you might need to give it an overhaul. Keywords and SEO are vital but there are other items to address.

How To Revamp Your Website In 2021

  1. Is it mobile friendly? More often than not, consumers are consuming your web content on their phones or tablets. You need to make certain your website is mobile friendly/mobile adaptive so users have as good an experience on a laptop as they do on their phone.  When a potential customer gets to your site when he’s on his phone, does it work seamlessly? Can he sign up for your newsletter? Can he make a purchase or contact you? If not, he may never come back. Check its mobile friendliness today.
  2. How fast is your site? People don’t have the patience to wait for a site to load. They want what they want and they want it now. If your site loads slowly, a potential customer might go to a competitor whose site loads quickly. In many cases, if your site doesn’t load in FOUR seconds, a user will leave.
  3. Make it safe. Users are so savvy today and are so fearful of having their information stolen or being hacked that they will look for the “padlock” on the URL or they will only go to a site that is httpS (they look for the S as a sign the site is secure)  Make certain your SSL certificate is current.

This is a very high level overview of what makes a website work. If you’re not sure your site is working, or if it’s not converting (then it’s not working!) reach out to Rex Richard and his team. 

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