There is so much noise on social media today. How can you jump in and find a way to make your mark and be heard above the noise? We have five ways to “win” social media and it’s all about… being social.

Five Ways To ‘Win” Social Media

So many clients don’t fully understand the need to be social on social media. It isn’t enough to simply post an update — you need to interact with your followers and let them know your business page is being run by a live person. Here are other other tips for making the most of your time spent on social media.

  1. Make a plan. Don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks and gets you followers, likes and helps make sales. You need to plan your content — both when you will post it and what you will post about. When you put together an editorial calendar for all of your content you can rest assured that you are making the most of the time spent on social media.
  2. Who is your competition and what are they doing? Along this train of thought — who are the influencers in your industry? Identify both and follow what they’re doing on social. Interact and engage with influencers in your niche.
  3. Listen to what your customers and ideal customers are saying. Engage with them and address their concerns. They just might make suggestions that could make your products and services even better.
  4. When you have popular content on your page and on your blog, share that. Know what is popular and delve into the content and the analytics to see if you can replicate it.
  5. Share your social posts and your blog posts on more than one platform. Change the message on the various platforms and don’t share every post at the same time. Space it out and give your individual posts a chance to make history!

Is your social media working for your business? Are you posting with a plan in mind or are you posting and hoping for the best? We’d love to know!


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