What are the most important pages on your website? The home page? Landing page? Blog? How important are website inner pages? Frankly, those pages are your money pages. The inner pages are where clients look when they want to know who you really are, what you truly do to help them with their pain points and how they can get in touch with you.

Concentrating time and effort on the inner pages is not something every business owner thinks too much about. They look at the inner pages like the ones that no one truly cares about because if they aren’t front and center, why bother? The reason to bother is that the inner pages are your money pages. Those are the pages that take a casual looker to a potential buyer.

How Important Are Website Inner Pages?

The website about page is a place to shine, but it isn’t necessarily where you want to list every job you’ve held since high school, it is a place to show your expertise but more importantly — why you are the person to help the visitor with his or her pain point.

Using the word ABOUT is the best term for your nav bar unless you want to say ABOUT JOHN SMITH as a way to get your name in the navigation bar. Don’t be clever, don’t make a visitor think about how to find out more about you. lear and it’s what most sites use, there is no need to be clever.

What should you put on the about page to make the biggest impact?

  1. This page sets the tone for future interactions based on the tone on the page. Are you playful and funny or droll and serious?
  2. Write your bio in first person. For example, “I started my career…” rather than, “John Smith started his career…” If someone is at your site they want to know you, not feel as though they are reading an interview about you.
  3. Let the visitor know what to expect from you and your site.
  4. As mentioned, this is not where you write your memoir. Be relevant and let the reader know how you can help.
  5. Add a relevant testimonial.
  6. Announce how you can help.
  7. Let them clearly know what the next step is. Call, contact, email… don’t let them leave without a call to action.

Service page

What do you sell? How can someone buy what you’re selling? Don’t be vague and don’t make it difficult.

  1. Clearly state your offer
  2. Clearly state what you don’t do
  3. Who is your ideal client? This helps people self select and also help with your searchability
  4. Steer clear of industry-specific acronyms
  5. What are the next steps? Hire me, Sign up for my newsletter. Contact me for a clarity session.

Contact page

Don’t bury this page you WANT people to get in touch, right?

  1. Welcome the reader to this page and to reach out to you
  2. Personalize the page, don’t just use a standard “contact me” page. Be unique.
  3. On the contact form, give them options for how they want to hear back from you: call, email, text.
  4. Add a personalized auto responder. “Thanks for reaching out, we will be in touch!” Let them know their contact was received.

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