• Show your appreciation. If someone interacts or likes or comments on your social media posts. Write back to them. Appreciate the effort they’ve taken to give your status update a “thumbs up.” If you’ve written a blog post and someone comments, respond to them — even if it’s just with a “thank you so much for writing!”
  • Show how you’re similar. The best way to connect with potential customers is to show how you’re both similar. If you are a solution provider, share a story that highlights your pain point and how your product helped you and that’s why you developed this solution — to help others!
  • Show what you care. If someone reads your social media status update or comments on your blog or follows your website, they may be in the beginning stages of information gathering. Make it as easy as possible to show what solutions you’re providing and how you can make their lives easier. Don’t get bogged down in your own industry jargon — to an outsider you’re speaking a foreign language and that language is not one to which they are connecting. Be real. Be authentic. Write for your unique audience.

Use your blog posts to convey your interest in the reader all as you’re being the go-to expert in your industry. Making connections will help your business thrive.


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