What has your blog content done for you lately? If you’re scratching your head and asking yourself the same thing. We have ways to show you how to optimize your content so it does some work for you. After all, if you’ve written it or have paid someone to write it for you, you want to see a return on your investment, right? Of course you do!

How To Optimize Your Content

Here are three ways to optimize your content and the benefits you reap from it.

  1. Make certain you’re writing to your ideal audience. If you’re using keywords that simply aren’t in your niche, you’re missing the mark. Know the pain points your audience is having and write your content to show them you understand AND offer ways to address the pain. Be their go-to expert and source for alleviating their pain.
  2. How are people finding you? You need to know what keywords they are using to find you and your site and you need to optimize the keywords and key phrases. When your ideal customer is searching for the goods and services you provide they are using: navigational keywords (local, near me), informational keywords (How to, tips, guides) and transactional keywords (buy, where to buy, discounts, coupons) Use a program like Google Keywords and see what people are using as trending keywords. Look at your own keywords and analytics on your site and see what keywords people are using to find you.
  3. Never forget a call to action. Once your reader gets to the end of your content what do you want them to do? Prompt them to: call us for more information, download our informational brochure, click here to join our Facebook group, etc. Don’t let them simply meander to the end of your blog post then look for someone else to solve their problem.

Content should be informative, entertaining, engaging and keep your ideal customer coming back to you. Your content should highlight that you ARE the solution to their problem.

Does your content have a call to action? Do you look at your analytics and do you use those findings in your next blog post? If you’re not sure your content is working for you, give us a call or comment here and let us know how we can help.

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