Great! Look at our Facebook numbers! We’ve had more traffic and more likes! Well… I’d like to know, what exactly does that mean? Are you just looking for high numbers or are you looking for meaningful engagement? Are you looking for Facebook visits to convert to sales? How to create a relevant social media report is something we talk with our clients about because if you don’t have a strategy behind your numbers, it is all just noise.

How To Create A Relevant Social Media Report

Creating reports is a necessary part of measuring growth, but if you don’t have a strategy behind which numbers you’re tracking and why, you aren’t truly gaining insight into what your social strategy is reaping in terms of business growth and benefits.

  1. What are your goals? New subscribers to your newsletter? Visits to social translating into traffic to your website? Online sales at your store? Knowing your goals will help you refine your social media report to focus in on whether you’re achieving the goals and where you may be falling short.
  2. Who is getting the report? When you’re delivering the report, it helps to know whom is receiving it and what information that person is seeking. Design your report to have relevance to them and to the stats they need to move their business agenda forward. As the recipient what they want to see and measure, then design the report accordingly.
  3. What metrics are you measuring? Do you want to know the increase in visitors to your social pages? Your reach? The likes? The impressions? Engagement? Social sites offer a myriad of numbers and you need to choose the ones that make sense for your business and your reporting data.

This is just a short overview of the way in which to prepare a social media report. You will also need to know how to present the report. Will you want it on a spreadsheet with numbers only? Will the recipient want graphs and charts and images? Do you need to prepare a powerpoint presentation? Knowing how you will present the information will help you better design it.

Are you struggling to determine which metrics make sense for you and your reporting? Reach out to us we can help.

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