Ugh. Not an e-mail pop up! We say that we despise them, but they work. If you use an e-mail sign up pop up on your site you may see your newsletter list grow at a more rapid pace than if you don’t. How to effectively use e-mail pop ups is the puzzle to be unravelled, though. It’s a great idea to use them, only if you’re using them correctly and in a way that is not annoying visitors to your site.

If the name of the game for you is to get people on your list so you can target your marketing messages to them, then getting them on your newsletter list is the best way to do that. How can you lure a visitor to your website to want to stay on the site and trust and like you enough that they are willing to give you entree into their inbox?

  1. Offer great content
  2. A free download
  3. Something that engages them and keeps them from unsubscribing.

That is the challenge of content marketing — keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

How To Effectively Use E-mail Pop Ups

Getting in and staying in a prospect’s inbox is pure gold to a business owner. When you’re connecting with them on their turf — in their inbox, through your e-mail newsletter you are building a relationship that you can nurture.

How can you entice a visitor to your website to invite you into his or her email inbox? Here are e-mail pop up tips we have found effective:

  • Make the opt-in process fun! Don’t say “submit” your name here — it is dull and bossy. Be fun. Enhance the experience. Tease the content so they want to know more.
  • Don’t mislead them. For example, don’t say: Get your weekly newsletter here if in fact you’re going to be sending them seven newsletters a week. Don’t offer “click bait” or misleading headlines to get them to opt in. If you tell them if they sign up they will receive “The real secret to making more money this month” you need to make certain you can 1) deliver on that promise and 2) that the promise is sustainable. You want to be with them for the long haul and if you only have 5 ways to make money, then what will you do on week 6?
  • Brand the pop up so they know they’re not being spammed by something else. The pop up should mimic the look and feel of your site.
  • Don’t interrupt the reader by having the pop up show up while they’re reading a blog post. Have it show up when they’re leaving the site, at the end of the article or when they first land on the site.
  • Set the pop up to recognize IP addresses. This way if a visitor comes to your site regularly, he won’t be annoyed by a pop up every time. Schedule it to pop up to the same IP address every three days or every week — you determine the timing.

Many of us cringe and bemoan sites that have pop ups, but they are effective. Are you missing out by not having a pop up?

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