How do some of your colleages just seem to have what it takes to be “famous” on social media? How to get noticed on social media is something that many “gurus” spout off about as though there is a magic bullet. There isn’t.

Yes, there are experts who tout ways in which you can get noticed on social, but bottom line, it’s all about being present and being social.

 How To Get Noticed On Social Media

If you’ve been struggling to navigate social media and get your business noticed and garner a following here are some easy-to-implement tips and smart advice.

  1. Give it time. Everything starts with small steps and those small steps start the ripple that leads to bigger results. It likely won’t happen overnight, but slow and steady wins the social media race.
  2. Consistency is key. The most important step you can take to get noticed on social media is to be active on social media. Be consistently “there” and your followers will come to expect to see you and will have a reason to follow you.
  3. Be involved. If a follower likes or comments on something you’ve written — interact with them. If you don’t acknowledge a comment from a follower, they will stop commenting. Simple as that.
  4. Who do you know? Reach out to colleagues and see if they want to help you extend your reach and offer to help them extend theirs as well. The easiest way to do this is to share content they’ve posted with your followers and vice versa.
  5. Nurture your followers. The Pareto principle states that most of your results come from 20% of your followers or 20% of your results. Keep these 20% of your engaged followers happy by giving them content they love and interacting with them — they will be your biggest fans!

 Being social is the best way to be noticed on social media. Share great information. Interact with followers. Follow others and share their content! 

What have you done that works? We’d love to know.

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