Have you ever wondered how to win at blogging? Is there such a thing as winning at blogging? Maybe. When you consider that more than 400 million people read blog posts monthly, you may wonder how you can get some of those 400 million viewers to read your blog, right?

To “win at blogging” you need to do a few things to make your blog stand out from the millions of blogs and blog posts that are being pushed out regularly. We can tell you that if you don’t have a blog for your business you are missing out on a potential goldmine of potential customers.

How To Win At Blogging!

  1. Your blog establishes your authority. If you’re selling widgets and a potential customer doesn’t know what a widget is or how it can help him, your blog post will show you’re the authority and that you have the answers to your potential clients’ widget questions.
  2. Be consistent and regular. Studies have shown that a business that publishes more than sixteen posts a month will receive three times more traffic than companies that publish none or four per month. That is staggering! If you’re devoting money to marketing you should look at this statistic and calculate the ROI of blogging more frequently.
  3. Use keywords with care. Know the keywords that your business wants to be found for. Use them in your blog posts — but don’t keyword stuff the posts. If you haven’t performed keyword research, you need to take a step back and start that before you go any further. Using the correct keywords will rank you higher in searches.
  4. How long is long enough? Google changes its algorithms regularly. Some times it says that a blog post of at least 300 words is ideal, other times it reports that blog posts should be more than 1,000 words long. We say, write a blog post that gets the point across — one point only — then end the post. If you’re giving valuable information, length really doesn’t matter. Although we typically always stick to the 300 words or more because that has helped our clients rank in searches.
  5. Add graphics and videos. Break up the text with graphics to hold reader interest. If you’re great on camera, do videos, upload them and put them in your blog post.
  6. Answer questions. Do you have “frequently asked questions” from readers and customers? Answer them in a blog post. Viola — you’re giving the people what they want — answers to their questions!
  7. Share your blog posts on social media. Once you’ve written the post, your work isn’t done; you need to share the information on social media. At some point you may rank in a search well enough that people will find your site and your blog posts organically, but until you do, share, share, share.

What is your blog strategy? Do you have one? If not, email and let us know — we can help!


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