Every business owner wants his or her content to “go viral.” They see that other posts are made and get thousands or tens of thousands of views and they want their content to do the same. How can you make that happen? If you have ever wondered how to go viral with your content, we have some tips to help you out.

The bottom line answer is, you can’t truly force it to happen, but if you incorporate some of these steps you may have content that goes viral – for you – and that’s what you’re seeking, right? To get in front of your ideal customer.

How to go viral with your content

  1. Use humor. Everyone loves to laugh – especially in these coronavirus pandemic times. If you can make people laugh, they might share your humorous content with their followers and that’s the first step at viral content. It may be a challenge to create a humorous post – and don’t force it or rely on crude humor (unless you know that’s what your audience wants)
  2. Use a catchy headline. How often will you click on something that reads, “Three secrets to….” “You won’t believe what happened when…” Yes, these do sound like click bait, and if you don’t deliver on the headline they are. Use a bold statement and draw the reader into the first sentence, then the next and the next.
  3. Be authentic. Speak to people from a “real” place. Be vulnerable. How can you touch your audience emotionally and have them take ownership in your content and ultimately your brand?

Be creative with your content. Even the driest field (accounting, lawyers) can benefit from a bit of authenticity and humor.

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