There are some individuals — entrepreneurs — who make a living with their blogs. There are other entrepreneurs who use their blogs as a vehicle to get known, liked and trusted by potential clients. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money with your blog we have some tips.

Keep in mind that none of these are a “get rich quick” way to fill your bank account. In fact, making money blogging is more of a “slow and steady wins the race.” Many people who make money blogging, have been working at it for quite some time.

How To Make Money With Your Blog

  1. Tap into affiliate marketing programs. Amazon Affiliates is one of the most well known, although in recent months it has dropped the amount of money it pays out to very minimal amounts. If you’re going to do affiliate marketing, make sure it makes sense. For example if you blog about cats, would it make sense to have affiliate marketing that points toward buying jetskis or a “how to macrame” course?
  2. If you have products, sell them on your blog. This isn’t necessarily making money with your blog, but it is using your blog as a way to leverage your products.
  3. If you offer services, promote them through your blog. Again, not necessarily making money with your blog, but using it to leverage your services.
  4.  Sell advertising space on the blog. You may want to craft a mission and/or vision statement and a statement of use to keep yourself in check when it comes to selling ad space. If you’re a vegan it wouldn’t make sense for you to sell ad space for a cattle farmer, would it? You can earn money on a cost per click basis and a cost per view/impression basis. Read the fine print when you sign up to sell ads.
  5. Collaborate with a brand and offer to write sponsored content. Be aware that many corporate partners want to pay you in product; you can’t buy groceries with a bucket of chlorine tablets, right? Be aware that in order to command a payment for sponsored content you will need to prove that you have traffic and can offer “eyes” on the content.

Blogging requires you to be diligent in the creation of content. If you don’t have traffic to your blog and if you’re not sharing that blog content on your social media, you won’t see much of a return on your investment and it is an investment of time, for sure.

Are you making money blogging? Are you still trying to craft a blog strategy? If so, please comment or email us and let’s talk. 


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