The past few months have found many of us in quarantine because of coronavirus –whether you believe it was a good way to prevent the spread or not, it is a topic that is talked about all across social media platforms. Do you want to take a stance? If so, are you prepared for the potential fallout from that comment? Should you get involved in social media controversies?

George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the demonstrations that are taking place across the country and around the globe is also another controversy that is divisive for many. Your opinion, of course, is your own. Voicing your opinion and standing behind it is something that you, as an entrepreneur needs to decide whether you want to take a “side.” You could upset the apple cart and alienate some clients and potential clients. You may just decide that you don’t want to hide who you are and if you lose clients then they may not have been a good fit overall.

Should You Get Involved In Social Media Controversies?

You need to decide whether you want to watch from the sidelines, fan the flames or simply educate. A controversial or political or religious topic may not be something you want to talk about. After all you’re always told to not talk about politics or religion at the dinner table or at work, right?

  1. Always be professional. You can jump into a controversial topic, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a professional. Nothing makes my blood boil more when someone jumps into a topic and just starts “yelling” with no knowledge or by not adding anything valuable. Be aware, though that many people just want to yell.
  2. Don’t hit “post” until you’ve thought through what you’ve written. In other words, think before you post. You probably have many deeply personal items and topic about which you’re passionate — that is great. That’s what makes the world go round.  You may be justified in your anger but are you prepared to handle the potential backlash?

Ask yourself, does it make sense to get involved? Do you want to interact as your business or as your personal page?

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