Whether you are still working from home because of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic or if you’ve always worked from home you need to have a space that is conducive to work. What does that mean and how to set your home office up for success is something we want to cover in this article.

We always talk about the work that needs to get done to get your swimming pool business found in a Google search, but if you’re working in a chaotic environment, that will thwart your efforts.

How To Set Your Home Office Up For Success

We’ve put together this list of five items to help ensure success and creativity!

  1. Are you bored? If you get bored in your office – and we all do! – you need to find a way to alleviate that boredom that doesn’t involve mindless scrolling on social media. Stop and grab a book of crosswords or a craft project or pick up an actual book or magazine. Stop looking at the computer screen and take a break. Taking a break will help refresh your mind and get you a kickstart.
  2. Less is more. How much do you truly need to see when you’re at your computer? Do you need to be distracted by overflowing drawers or pen cups? Do you have old coffee mugs or papers or even shelves that aren’t organized and pleasant to the eye? If that’s the case then take time to clean the work space to be as minimal as possible.
  3. Music, silence or talk radio? You may work best in silence. Others work well with soft jazz or funky beats or current artists playing in the background. Other workers like talk radio as a background distraction. Know how you work best and go for talk, music or silence.
  4. How is your lighting? You don’t want to be in bright lights if you don’t have to. Also, you don’t want your workspace so dim that you can’t see well. If you can get natural light in your workspace that is always the best. Open the curtains or blinds and let the sun brighten your space and your mind.
  5. What brings you joy? A succulent? Photos of swimming pool projects you’ve completed? Your pets? Your family? Think about an object or two that will continually spark joy and decorate your workspace with those — keeping point 2 in mind – no clutter

Take some time right now and look at your workspace. Is it cluttered? Does it bring you joy? Is it helping you get your work done? If not, take steps to make it a viable and joyous space in which to create.

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