Podcasts are all the rage right now and they don’t appear to be going away any time soon. Have you ever wondered how to start a podcast? You certainly don’t want to jump on the mic then do one podcast and never do another.

As with any type of marketing (and podcasting is most definitely marketing) you need to have a plan behind it. Here are some tips to starting your own podcast if that is part of your overall marketing strategy for 2019.

  1. Come up with your podcast theme. This would likely be your business niche with a unique take. Come up with content that is not already being done — think of a creative way to spin your topic that makes your niche seem unique.
  2. Get great equipment. No one wants to listen to a podcast that has annoying background noise or dogs barking or car engines revving. You want to invest in a great microphone; use one that is not attached to your computer. A high quality microphone will be your podcast’s best friend.
  3. Use Skype if you’re going to invite guests. You could also use Zoom or any number of other podcast friendly platforms.
  4. Know how to edit your podcast, or hire someone who can make your podcast shine. Editing will eliminate any “ums and ahs” and can add in intro music as well as your outro and can master the sound throughout the podcast. Your editor can also add/embed ID3 tags into your recording to help your podcast be searchable.
  5. Find a site to host your podcast. Look at Soundcloud or many of the other platforms available.
  6. Hire someone, unless this is your forte, to create cover art for your podcast. Remember, when someone is searching your podcast on a platform, he or she will see the art and that may be their first impression and lead them to listen, or not listen, to you.
  7. Where will you host your podcast? Will you want/need a new URL or will it reside on a page on your current website? Determine this then purchase the URL even if you’re not building a new site for it right now. If your podcast becomes popular, you want to own that URL.
  8. Record the first podcast. This is the one that will launch you into the podcast universe so make it the absolute best it can be! First impressions matter.
  9. Grow your audience and get your podcast listed so it can be found. This will involve self promotion and trying to get yourself listed on other (perhaps industry) websites and blogs. Don’t record your podcast then sit back and hope someone will find you.

Is a podcast in your future? Make sure you have a solid marketing strategy behind it to make it as successful as possible.

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