If you’re not already doing video blogs (vlogging) you may want to add that to your marketing strategy for 2020. Why? Because people aka your clients, love video. Millennials consume their news and their entertainment online and much of that comes from YouTube. How to start a YouTube channel is information we’re sharing here today and don’t worry it’s not all that hard!

Video consumption shows no signs of leveling off and that’s why you should be doing what you can to get yourself and your business in front of the camera.

As with any new marketing platform and marketing tactic you’re going to implement you need to have a strategy behind the tactic.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

Here are items to consider if you’re going to start a YouTube or any kind of video blog.

  1. Know what your content will be. Don’t jump into video recording without a content plan. Just as you’d build an editorial calendar for your written content so too should you have a content plan for your videos. Keep in mind that the blog posts you write could be repurposed into vlogs. Be consistent in your video blog postings. If you are going to vlog weekly, then set that schedule and stick to it.
  2. Get good equipment. Yes, you can use your smartphone to record your video but you will need to decide on the image you want to project to your potential clients. You don’t have to have studio quality video, but you might want to have something better than your holding your phone and recording the video. Strike a balance. A good microphone is crucial to high sound quality — invest in that. Good lighting is crucial.
  3. Edit your video. Many smartphones offer simple video editing software and that’s a good way to start. There are also many software programs you can download and use to edit your video or you can hire a contractor to do it for you.

 Once you upload your video to YouTube you need to optimize it with its title, keywords and keyphrases. YouTube is a searchable social media platform as long as you’re writing a description for the video and using keywords and tags once you’ve uploaded it.

Are you utilizing video to market your business? If not, why not? How can we help you put together a video strategy?

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