Are you selling products online? Are you selling swimming pools? Are you selling swimming pool maintenance? Regardless of what you’re selling we have tips on how to take great product photos. Keep in mind that buyers (everyone, really) are visual and the better your photo looks, the more likely they are to buy from you. First impressions matter and your product image may be the first — and only — impression a potential buyer has of you and of it.

How To Take Great Product Photos

Lighting and layout are two of the greatest factors in product photos but there are others.

  1. Lighting. There we said it! Place your product on a well lighted surface. If it’s a dark product place it on a light surface. If it’s a light product place it on a darker surface. Limit the amount of shadow and eliminate glare.
  2. Show the product in action. If you’re selling a lotion or cream, for example, use an action shot and let the consumer see the texture and consistency.
  3. Take a lifestyle photo. Don’t just show a photo of a pool. Show people in the pool having fun. Don’t just have them posed and staring at the camera. The buyer wants to see that if they buy that same pool they will be having as much — if not more — fun than the people in the photo. You can also do a lifestyle photo without people for a swimming pool. Put an array of pool items — bathing suits, goggles, hats, sunscreen, rafts, luxurious towels, etc poolside to show the amenities that can be used in that beautiful pool.
  4. Depending on what you’re selling — lay it flat and shoot it from overhead.
  5. If you need the buyer to see how large or small the item is, place it next to a ruler or an object someone can easily find to compare it to — a quarter, for example.
  6. Take shots from different angles. Show more than one photo of the product some on its own and others with it being used.
  7. Use creative photoshop techniques. If you’re selling a product and don’t have a great way to show it in action, put the product on an overly and take photos of it there. Don’t enhance the image of your product and don’t get into any false advertising.

What type of photos do you take when you’re trying to sell pool construction or maintenance services? We would love to know. If you’re struggling with your construction or maintenance contract fulfillment, give email us for a quote. 

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