Is your site optimized for the keywords and key phrases for which you want your business to be found? How strong is your SEO game? Take some time in the few weeks that are left in 2019 and look at how to up your SEO game in 2020.

A new year is the ideal time to throw out the old, bring in the new and work with what’s been working well all along. When you talk with web designers they will toss around SEO and other such terms, but do they help you? Do you understand what your ideal keywords should be? Are they keywords you’re using doing all they can for you?

How can you improve your business and the way it’s being found online through the keywords you’re using?

How To Up Your SEO Game In 2020

Implement some of these SEO best practices on your site, on your social media pages and in your blog posts to help amp up your searchability in 2020.

  • Remember, keywords may be king but you need to write for the readers you want. You have expertise your readers are seeking and they are looking to you for that insight that only you can offer. Write content that offers great insight and expertise while seamlessly working keywords into the writing.
  • Do you know what keyword stuffing is? If you read a blog post that was employing that tactic you’d notice it. It goes something like this: When you work with our motor vehicle garage in Uptown, New York you will be working with Uptown, New York motor vehicle garage mechanics who know how to change a tire for their Uptown, New York motor vehicle drivers. What?! That sentence said nothing but you certainly know they are in Uptown, New York and (allegedly) know about “motor vehicles.” You learned nothing from that sentence because all it was doing was sharing keywords in hopes of being found in a Google Search for Uptown, NY motor vehicle — know, though that Google lowers your ranking if it feels your content is keyword stuffed.
  • Consider using a plugin on your website, like SEO by YOAST. This plug in helps determine whether you have an adequate amount of keywords or if you have too many keywords.
  • Play with the headline until it is compelling and something that is intuitive to a search. You may be a “How to find a dog groomer to the stars in Hollywood” but will a potential pet parent search that? Probably not, they will search “How to find a dog groomer in Hollywood” or the like. A headline needs to speak to the content the reader will get and be searchable.
  • Headlines draw in the reader. You may want to consider spending as much time crafting a headline as you do the entire blog post. A headline will help with your SEO as well as be the hook that draws the reader in.
  • Video is king but don’t just embed a video onto your blog without words. Videos aren’t searchable, words are.
  • If your blog platform offers a space for an excerpt from the blog — use it! It’s valuable real estate!
  • Are you using Google analytics on your site to determine what keywords you need to use more of, which aren’t being searched and more importantly what keywords ARE your readers using to find you?

If you’re struggling to get your content read and your website found, it could be because you’re not properly utilizing your keywords. If you’re not sure if your SEO strategy is working, drop us a comment. Let’s talk. Contact Rex Richard and his team for a free marketing quote. 

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