Quick! Where’s your phone? Chances are you are reading this article on your phone or tablet. Is it any secret that savvy business owners and marketers are turning to text as a way to build a connection with a potential new client or deepen a connection with a current client? We have tips for how to utilize SMS text marketing. It can be an ideal way to offer a coupon to a new customer in exchange for his or her phone number. It’s a win-win. They get the coupon code, you get a potential new client to add to your SMS marketing arsenal.

You don’t need to be a massive company in order to benefit from SMS marketing. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have a small subscriber list, are just starting out or have thousands of customers and subscribers. SMS text marketing levels the playing field in some ways.

How To Utilize SMS Text Marketing

Here are a few tips to get you thinking on whether this is a marketing tactic you may want to deploy in 2022.

  1. Ask for opt-ins at every opportunity. If someone stops at your site, ask for their cell number — give them a reason to give up that valuable contact info and don’t bombard or annoy them. They can very easily type in STOP and you will no longer hear from them.
  2. Don’t be dry in your welcome message. If you’re fun and funny and you have a friendly brand, make your welcome message showcase that. Don’t simply say, “thank you for signing up.” Ugh. If you’re a pool builder or service pro, why not be clever — “Let’s dive into this new relationship… stop down, show this message and get a pool noodle.” “Hot enough for ya? We don’t want you to have to hear or say that this summer, click here for a free estimate.” Have your personality be part of your brand…. always.
  3. You can take your SMS customer down a sales funnel. Don’t leave any opportunities on the table.
  4. Have promotional deals? Offering a new product or service? Let the SMS clients know they are the first to know. Nurture the relationship and make them feel part of your tribe.
  5. Do you offer curbside pick-up? Use your SMS text to announce that and to make pick-up a breeze for your clients.
  6. Segment your market and market to them effectively. Don’t “group” messages — make them personal.

Look for an SMS platform that keeps your messages compliant, allows for segmentation, allows you to integrate with your current tech and offer the opportunity for a two-way conversation. Don’t let a text go unanswered if a customer reaches out.

Contact Rex Richard if you’re looking for unique ways to connect with customers and grow your business in 2022 and beyond.


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