Thanksgiving has just passed. Christmas and New Year’s will soon be upon us. As an entrepreneur, I understand that I need to step back and count my blessings and I urge you to count your blessings too. The holidays are busy. There is so much family activity and will likely be more this year since the coronavirus pandemic seems to be loosening its clutches on the country.

The holidays are also stressful for many entrepreneurs because they don’t want to “take the month off” but they also want to slow down a bit and enjoy the festivities with friends and family. It’s a delicate balancing act, for sure. If you don’t slow down and count your blessings, you may not have them to count next time around and that is a sobering thought for many people.

If you’re a parent or a grandparent and an entrepreneur you know how quickly your children and grandchildren grow while you’re working insane hours to grow the business. Could you just put that call off to another day? Work when the family is napping? What are you willing to trade for business success? Remember you cannot get back that missed time with friends, family, children and grandchildren.

Step Back And Count Your Blessings

I don’t want any entrepreneur to simply coast through this last month of the year and the reason for that is, you don’t want to start 2022 feeling you’re at a deficit with client work and income. If you do that, you will feel frantic and trying to catch up and that negates the time you took off to enjoy family and holidays.

  1. Delegate. If you can delegate tasks, you can spend more time with your family.
  2. Take a break. Maybe you can’t take the day off, but could you go in late? Come home early? Take a midday break to see family?
  3. Look at your schedule and make it your own. Part of the beauty of being self-employed is you can work around your schedule — for the most part. Try to get all, or as many of your client calls on one day as you can. Doing that could just free up time on other days to let you come in late or leave early.
  4. Be grateful for your business’s success.
  5. Be thankful for friends, family and loved ones who have supported you along your entrepreneurial path.

What will you count your blessings for? How can you rearrange your schedule to give you more family time? If you are struggling, reach out to Rex Richard and schedule a coaching exploration call and see how he can work with you.


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