What is the best way to grow a business? Through blogging. We say it alot and there is a great reason. Because it works and because it showcases you as an expert in your niche. Blogging on your website is ideal and once you do that you take to your social media pages and share the content. Another way to get your blogging out there into the world is to blog on LinkedIn because that platform will then push your article out to all of your followers. It’s so easy!

That is just one of the reasons why you should be publishing on LinkedIn. There are others that we will get into. You can easily repurpose content from your website and blog into an article on LinkedIn, but Rex Richard urges you to change the title, change the image and change the intro and outro paragraphs. Don’t recycle the same material or your readers will stop reading!

Keep in mind that LinkedIn boasts close to 300 million business professionals from across the globe. This makes it a great platform for you to publish and share content.

You should have a strategy for your LinkedIn blogging, just as you do with your blog on your website, sending newsletters and posting to social media. You need a strategy and a way to gauge whether it’s a success for you and your business.

Why You Should Be Publishing On LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the living resume for you and your business. When you add content, update your experience, add a new skill, etc. you are updating all your followers to what you’re now all about.
  • It’s an ideal marketing tool to add to your arsenal — but not the only marketing tool.
  • The articles you write for LinkedIn become part of your professional profile and is displayed on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Every time you publish it will be shared with your connections, and followers and potentially with their connections and followers
  • LinkedIn articles are keyword searchable.

If you have time and the bandwidth and believe that LinkedIn is a viable option for you, then start publishing. Make sure you have a plan, a strategy and a way to measure the success. Reach out to Rex Richard for a free consultation and quote on your business and your swimming pool business marketing.

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