You’ve no doubt heard that newspapers are dead. Well, they are dying, in print in many areas BUT there are still people who read newspapers and there are still trade publications to which you could submit a press release. Let’s talk about how to write a press release about your biz that will introduce you to the public.

How To Write A Press Release About Your Biz

  1. Why are you writing a press release? Did you just hire someone new? Celebrate an anniversary? Contribute to, or organize, a charity event? Release a new product? Win an award? Know why you are reaching out to the press and focus your press release around that one topic. Remember, though – you have to think about what’s in it for the reader of that publication? Yes, your biz won the award, but what does that mean to the reading public?
  2. Your headline matters. Journalists have to go through dozens of emails and press releases daily and you need to grab their attention. Write a compelling headline that entices them to read the release.
  3. The opening paragraph – the opening sentence, actually – needs to let the reader know the who, what, when, where, how and why AND why it matters to them.
  4. Format it correctly. Have your contact information at the top left. Write “for immediate release” and the date on the right. Your headline should be next, centered and bold; if necessary add a subhead. Write your city, state before you write the opening paragraph. Write the press release. Keep it to one page if possible. Put your tagline or contact information at the bottom. Because many journalists won’t open attachments you need to copy the press release in the body of the email.
  5. Add an image, if appropriate.
  6. Have a call to action.
  7. If you’re releasing your press release to online publications and you should be – make sure you optimize for search.
  8. Send it out into the world.
  9. Follow up with a phone call within two days.

When is the last time you’d sent out a press release about your business? Can you think of a reason to send one out? If you need help formulating a press release, contact us.

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