Who are you online? Are you consistently sharing the same message aka branding across all of your social media platforms and your blog? How to write an online bio is a skill and an art. Crafting the “right” online bio will help you in Google searches and will help any individual who is seeking you out to know that you’re the same person because your website, your social media platforms and your business cards have consistent messaging.

How To Write An Online Bio

Work on these tips for your online bio, write it yourself or hire a content/marketing writer to do this for you.

  1. Follow the rules of the platform for which you’re writing.  Some sites tell you how many words to use, whether to write in first person or third person point view.
  2. You can use different language in your bio as long as your messaging is consistent and you’re using the same keywords.
  3. Your bio should show your area of expertise and your knowledge.
  4. Let your personality shine through. Don’t feel your bio has to be “stiff and stuffed-shirt” be who you are and show your personality while sharing your branding.
  5. Don’t “back into” your bio. In other words, the first few words need to be the strongest and keep the reader reading. Don’t simply say, “Hi, my name is John Doe and I have been running my business for 20 years.” Yawn. Instead try this, “Award winning entrepreneur John Doe can take your business from ho hum to give me some!” Or something like that. Which one would you read?
  6. Be brief. Yes, you may be able to use unlimited words, but why would you? Weave your details in skillfully. Tell the reader who you are BUT more importantly tell them how you can help them. Your bio — even though it’s about you — should highlight how you can help address their pain.  “I’m John Doe and I make widgets and have for twenty years.” Yawn. “Widgets will tranform your life and your work — and for the past two decades Award Winning Widget Maker John Doe has been the widget maker of choice.” See how the second is focused on the reader and his dire widget needs?
  7.  Show you can be trusted. Your credibility is what your bio is attempting to share with an audience who doesn’t know you from the John Doe down the street!

Bonus tip: Add a professional photo. If you’re a coach for surfer dudes, you can have a photo of yourself with a surf board. Truly, would you hire a surf board coach who was in a three piece suit? Conversely, would you hire an attorney whose profile picture showed him or her riding the waves? Hhhmmm probably not. Your profile pic should match your personality and your business.

When is the last time you’ve checked your bio?


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