If you’re selling items on line — a class or a service or even a product — you will likely drive your potential clients to a “landing page.” From the landing page, they will read your copy and if it’s compelling enough they will buy your product or service. How to write landing page headlines is an art and a craft, but it is one you can learn.

Did you know that close to eighty percent of all the people you reach will never read past your landing page headline? That is a LOT of pressure to make that headline so compelling they not only read it, but read on.

How To Write Landing Page Headlines

Here are some ways in which to write an attention grabbing headline that just might garner you more clients!

  1. Make it clear. Don’t couch your information in industry speak or jargon or acronyms. Make it clear why they’re there, what you’re offering and why they need it.  Your headine should be to the point. Mystery and being vague has no place here.
  2. How will the reader benefit? Don’t make them “fill in the blanks.” If you’re offering a way to regain five hours a week and WHY they need those five hours — tell the benefit right up front.
  3. What is your brand message? Be consistent with that message on your landing page. If you are offering a webinar on time management, don’t drive readers to a landing page that offers them a twenty page ebook on how to grow a business. Those messages don’t mesh.
  4. Pepper your headline with power words. Power words evoke an emotion or psychological response. They prompt anger or happiness. They prompt the reader to want to do something!
  5. This should go without saying, but proofread and edit your headlines and the body copy. Nothing turns a reader off more than a typo in a headline. If you can’t even get that one thing right, how can they trust that the product or service you’re offering will fulfill its promise?

Numbers (7 Best Ways To…) Secrets (The Secret to long-lasting weight loss) Social proof (10,000 readers can’t be wrong!) These are some attention grabbing headlines you can “steal.”

How well are your landing pages converting? Are you falling in the 80% realm where your reader isn’t going past the headline and performing the action you’re seeking? If you’re struggling, let us know!


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