Remember in the beginning when there was Facebook? Then Twitter. Then LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Clubhouse, and on and on!? Is there a way to win at social media marketing? Is it harder to know where your ideal client is when you don’t yet understand the demographics of the new sites? What if your ideal client is on Clubhouse and it’s an invitation only, iPhone only platform? How can you compete there if you can’t get on there?

It is exhausting and sometimes there is no “winning” it’s all about a solid marketing strategy that includes a component of social media. so much of social media is now pay for play and if you’re not willing to pay, chances are your content and updates won’t see any play. Spend your marketing dollars wisely and that may not be on all the social media platforms — but a chosen few.

Is There A Way To Win At Social Media Marketing?

Social media is great if you use it the “right” way. You want to build your business’s foundation on ground you own — your website and blog. Once you’ve done that then share your blog and other information on social media pages to help raise awareness and drive traffic to your website. Your website, blog and newsletter lists are the areas you should be nurturing because you have more control over that than you do the whims of social media platforms.

  1. Social media needs to be part of an overall strategy — not a stand alone way to share information.
  2. How is your competition using social media? What are they doing differently than you? Where can you excel?
  3. What are your customers saying? Ask them where and how they found you. Do more of that!
  4. If you’re on social media — be social. Interact. Comment. Share posts. Be active and be social.
  5. Look at your analytics, if you’re spending a lot of time on social and seeing no results, why are you there? Delve into analytics and you may need to pivot and spend more time on a different platform — not all of your clients are looking for what you do on Facebook.
  6. Don’t share a “blanket” post across all your social platforms. Change the messaging and be unique. It will take more time but if you have one person who follows you on all platforms he will wise up to the fact that you’re not saying anything new and will probably stop following you on a platform.

Is your social media working for your business? Are you posting with a plan in mind or are you posting and hoping for the best? We’d love to know! Rex Richard and the Peak Dynamics team can help you put together a social media and marketing strategy that will help your brand be found.


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