Did you know it could take only one Tweet or inconsiderate Facebook post to bring a business down? It happens to movie stars and politicians and you know it is happening to small and large businesses across the country. Is your biz protected on social media? Do you have a social media policy in place? If you don’t have a social media policy, you need to do one today — right now.

Even if you have a social media person or professional that you let run your social media pages, if you haven’t told them some of the ground rules, some of the topics about which you don’t want to mention and other unique to you rules, you don’t know when your biz may come crashing down and your reputation in the dirt.

Create a company social media policy and an editorial calendar. These two documents go hand in hand and help direct content on all the platforms your business participates on.

Is your biz protected on social media?

Why does your business need a social media policy and why do you need to enforce it and update it regularly?

  1. You need to let everyone know the company mission and vision and all content should support those
  2. You have to let your people know what is, and is not, allowed on your social pages
  3. The policy could help hold you harmless if someone posts something on your behalf that goes against your policies
  4. It also spells out how sales and marketing works together
  5. It spells out how often to post
  6. It makes note of commenting on status updates
  7. It has a policy for how you engage with less than happy clients who post negative comments online

When you have a social media policy in place you have footing on which to stand if something is posted that you don’t allow, as per your policy.

Do you have a social media and content policy in place? If not, reach out to Rex Richard at Peak Dynamics. 

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