We all make mistakes. We’re human after all. But there are some social media mistakes you will want to avoid. If you’re making them right now, put a new strategy in place and address them before you make another post.

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

  1. Are you spending time on the “wrong” social media sites? If you are looking for an ideal client and he or she isn’t on Facebook, why are you spending resources there? If your ideal client is on LinkedIn and you’re not, why not? Know our demographic and know what social media platforms they use and allocate resources to that platform.
  2.  Understand the value of social media. When you think of social media marketing as “selling my stuff online… all. The. Time” you’re not using social media correctly. Social media — is by its very name — social. It is a place to build relationships and foster conversation.
  3. Social media marketing is not a one and done practice. Whether you’re blogging or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you don’t simply post one item and then walk away hoping it will do the work on its own. You need to have a sustainable strategy and work to build engagement and conversation.
  4. Sticking to the tried and true… even if your ideal client is moving away. If your ideal client consumes video and you’re not making videos, you are missing the boat. You need to be willing to adapt with the changing tide of social medi marketing.
  5. Not being willing to put some money behind your marketing efforts. Yes, it is great that a business can interact with potentially millions of potential clients on any of the free to use social media platforms, but there will likely come a time when you will want to pay for an ad or to boost a post or even to hire a professional to take on your social media marketing — this is especially true if your core competency isn’t social media.

Are you making any of these social media mistakes? Do you know how to stop making them and begin using the platforms in a more robust and strategic manner?

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