Is 2022 the year you’re going to explode your business? Get found more regularly online? Grow your client base? Attend networking events? Whew! If you want to get found more regularly online and if you have already been blogging then I am going to tell you why to revive old blog posts in the new year. If you have it, use it, just update it!

Looking back on your past blog content, do you feel proud about it? Do you look at it and think, that is really good and I want to make sure it gets in front of more people. If that’s the case, then repurposing and updating old blog posts is a great way to go. Don’t use all of your content in 2022 as repurposed and reworked posts, but do have a strategy in your editorial calendar to add in a repurposed blog strategy.

Revive Old Blog Posts In The New Year

  • Make old content relevant again.
  • Dig into Google analytics. Re-work those posts that were high performers.
  • Update the content and the statistics (if necessary)
  • Add a new title
  • Change the graphics
  • Re-publish it.
  • Check the links to make certain they are correct.
  • Decide whether you will change the URL on the post. IF you do, you need to substantially change the content so you don’t get dinged by Google for having duplicate content. If the URL isn’t changing and you’re updating the content, make a note of that right at the top of the post. UPDATED AS OF (Insert Date). Make note of  what is  “new and improved.”
  • Check the formatting.
  • If you have newer articles relevant to updated content, make sure the links redirect to the new content.
  • Don’t make your entire blog strategy ONLY repurposed content.
  • Repurpose content into an infographic, a video or a series.

Contact Rex Richard if you’re looking for unique ways to connect with customers and grow your business in 2022 and beyond.

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