When you look at your website and blog do you notice that you have a lot of blog posts? If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you will have built up a library of posts. Are your old posts helping move your business forward? Have you ever wondered how to revive old blog posts? It can be, and should be, done and here are some reasons why.

How To Revive Old Blog Posts

  • You have great content that can be made relevant again. Dig into your Google analytics and re-work those posts that were high performers. Update the content and the statistics (if necessary) Add a new title, if it makes sense, change the graphics and then re-publish it.
  • Update the images that were in the post.
  • Check the links to make certain they are redirecting correctly.
  • Decide whether you will change the URL on the post. IF you do, you need to substantially change the content so you don’t get dinged by Google for having duplicate content.
  • If you don’t change the URL, update the content and make a note in the blog post that this is UPDATED AS OF (Insert Date). You may even want to make note of which areas of content are “new and improved.”
  • Check the formatting. If your website has undergone any changes, upgrades or updates you want to make certain your images and content keep the formatting.
  • If you have written newer posts that are relevant to this updated post, change the links to lead to the newer content.
  • Don’t re-use all of your content. Make certain you’re writing new.
  • Look for ways to reuse and re-purpose content. If you have a blog post that has garnered a lot of traffic, why not turn it into a video post? Make an infographic.

Look back and find your best work, save yourself some time and re-purpose it. Have you ever breathed new life into an old post? How did it work?

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