Social media amps up your blog content, this is a truism that cannot be denied or overlooked by entrepreneurs who blog. If you’re blogging and not sharing your content, you’re simply sending your content out onto an unmanned boat to drift down the ricer. Why would you do that?

Chances are, if you have a social media account you are active on it for your business, correct? If you do have social media pages– Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al and you’re not using it and sharing content, you are not doing your business any favors. Decide which platform makes the most sense, then work it diligently and consistently.

Social Media Amps Up Your Blog Content

Here are ways in which social media can help you get more power out of your blog content:

  1. You can share your blog content — in snippets — on your social media to an audience that may already be engaged with you. If you don’t have traffic to your blog, but do have interaction and conversations on your Facebook page, for example, you can share tips from your blog, and drive traffic to the site to read the entire post.
  2. Sharing your blog content on your social media platforms makes it more digestible for the reader. If they don’t have time to read an entire blog, they may have time to read a status update and bookmark the blog to read later.
  3. When you’re sharing on social you need to think about the visual as well as the written message. If you can add an image that can play “host” to the content on your blog, share a graphic to highlight the blog post. If you’re unclear how to do that, send us an email and we can help you determine a social strategy that uses graphics.

Remember, when you have written a blog post, your work is not done. After you’ve hit publish, you then need to share that content far and wide across your social media platforms.


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