If you’ve spent any time on social media recently chances are you have seen conflict. One person states an opinion which sets off a firestorm of controversy with his or her followers/friends. As an entrepreneur you may want to avoid these types of controversial conversation starters — but then, depending on who you are, what type of conversation you want to have and your unqiue personality, you may want to foster this type of talk. It is up to you. But I typically caution entrepreneurs to light a spark unless they are ready to jump through those flames. I do have some tips for avoiding conflict on social media that you can implement, or take with a grain of salt.

Tips For Avoiding Conflict On Social Media

  1. Don’t fan the flames. If there is a controversial or political or religious topic that you want desperately to get involved in you need to ask yourself whether any of your business followers, colleagues or potential clients will be offended. If you’re of a mind, “this is who I am. Take it or leave it.” Then have at it. If you want to keep your personal, religious and political feelings to yourself and offline, then just avoid taking sides in inflammatory or potentially inflammatory conversations.
  2. Be always professional. There are times my blood boils when I read what some people are writing. I want to shout,” Have you even done any research on this before you started spouting off?” I don’t do that though. I either unfollow or hide those posts, shaking my head. I also realize that not everyone is going to have my opinions and that is all right. Differences are what makes the world go round. As an entrepreneur, you may just need to stay above the fray — no matter how badly you want to jump in.
  3.  Think before you post. This is an obvious tip, but it is extremely difficult to do — believe me, I know! Before you post about legal or political or religious or deeply personal topics, ask yourself why you’re doing this. Are you trying to start a fire? Is the topic you’re posting about something about which you are intimately acquainted and you simply need to set the record straight? Are you simply furious at the ignorance of a posting and you are itching to respond? Know why you are considering posting before you actually do. You may truly be justified in your post, but you need to be prepared to handle potential backlash.

Have you read posts by friends, family or colleagues that just had you scratching your head and asking, “What were they thinking?” What did you do about it?

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