Thought leaders are made, not born. One way we have found to become a thought leader is to use content to become one. If you’re not using your blog as a platform to build your expertise and your standing as the go-to expert in your field you are missing a very crucial aspect to grow your business and your thought leadership standing.

Use Content To Become A Thought Leader

Here’s how to strategically use your content.

  1. Don’t write content that cannot be supported by facts. Don’t toss out statistics and numbers and other facts without citing a source. If you’re the source, then note that. If you cite incorrect information, your potential to become a thought leader is tarnished because of the incorrect information or inconsistencies in delivery.
  2. Be consistent in your blogging efforts. If you blog once every six months and only because a trending topic in your industry is on the rise, it will be difficult for any potential followers, potential clients or customers to look to you as a thought leader because you’re not consistently delivering content or publishing posts.
  3. Use your social media platforms to not only share your content, but the content of those you admire. Don’t simply share a post written by someone else, comment on it before you share it with your followers. Let your followers understand why you are sharing and how it can be important to them.
  4. Build relationships with influencers. You can have friendships — whether online or off — with those in your field — and you should. Remember, the influence you wield may also revolve around those with whom you interact. Surround yourself with influencers. Give those influencers a reason to want to interact with you.
  5. Don’t be a braggart. No one likes someone who is constantly tooting his or her own horn. Imagine how much more powerful it is to have an influencer or a client tell someone how wonderful you are, than for you to have to constantly be telling everyone how great you, and your product or services are? Word of mouth is the best “advertising” there is.

Are you leveraging the power of your website and blog to share your expertise and grow your thought leadership platform? If not, why not? If you’re struggling on where to begin and how to keep up with it, give us a call or drop us an email.


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