Do you need tips to make blogging efforts pay off? Chances are you have heard that you “need to blog” and we agree. Blogging is a way to show your authority, share your expertise, own your own property (if social media sites go away, so do all your postings) and keep your website updated and fresh in the eyes of Google. At Peak Dynamics, Rex Richard and his team work with swimming pool business owners and others to prepare a marketing strategy that makes sense!

Tips To Make Blogging Efforts Pay Off

Here are a few things to do to make those efforts and hours you spend blogging pay off for you and your business.

  1. Make sure you blog consistently and on the same day of the week. If a reader gets accustomed to seeing a new post on Monday, he may come to look for it. If you skip a week or change days of the week all the time, a reader won’t know when to come and look for new content and may not come back.
  2. Decide how much effort you’re going to put into blogging. We recommend once a week — at least, but studies show that a posting schedule of three to four times a week is best. You definitely want to choose somewhere in between those two extremes or hire a copywriter to create that content for you.
  3. Use the correct keywords. If you don’t know what your keywords should be, contact Rex Richard and he can help you determine the best keywords and key phrases for your unique niche.
  4. A blog should be at least 300 words long, but recent research shows that readers are gravitating toward long — 1,000 words or more posts.
  5. Add images and subheads and headers and bullet points, etc to break up long blocks to text and make it more visually appealing to the reader.
  6. Write an editorial calendar as that will help you stay on task with your blogging efforts. The time you put into creating an editorial calendar will be time saved when you are sitting down to write the post because you won’t be looking at a blank screen wondering what to blog about. We can help you prepare an editorial calendar for your blog content as well as for sharing on social media.

Are you blogging? Are you seeing results? Are you checking your Google Analytics to ensure you are using the best keywords for your business?

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