What changes happened to you in your professional life in 2021? Did you win awards? Start a new job? Get featured in a podcast or in a print publication? Did your business demographic change and you’re pivoting? Did you update your bio online when any of that happened? Take some time today to update your online bios in 2022.

Start the year off right and ensure you’re getting found for what you want to be found for. Ensure that any changes you made to your business are reflected in your online bio. How current is your photograph? Take time to get a new headshot taken.

If you need help crafting your online bio, reach out to Rex Richard and his talented team. They can help you write the bio that highlights you in the best light and with the best searchable keywords to bring ideal clients knocking on your virtual door. Crafting the best online bio helps Google bump you up in searches.

Update Your Online Bios In 2022

Here are our best bio-updating advice. Write it yourself or hire a content/marketing writer.

  1. Stay within the word count and image guidelines for each platform. Be prepared to tweak your bio depending on the platform you’re sharing it.
  2. Using different language or sentences is all right as long as you aren’t changing your messaging or keywords.
  3. What portions of your expertise do you truly want to be highlighted? Think about who you believe is your ideal client and write the bio geared toward them and their pain points.
  4. You have a personality, let it shine. No matter your industry, you can still infuse a bit of yourself. People want to work with someone with whom they connect.
  5. The first few words of your bio need to grip the reader. Don’t write, “Hi, my name is John Doe and I have been running my business for 20 years.”  Boring and no keywords show up and there’s nothing to let a potential client know they need to work with you. Try this, “Award-winning entrepreneur John Doe can take your business from ho-hum to give me some!” Which would you better connect with?
  6. Weave details skillfully. Tell the reader who you are BUT more importantly tell them how you can help them. Your bio needs to highlight how you can help address their pain point.  “I’m John Doe and I make widgets and have for twenty years.” Yeah, and?  “Widgets will transform your life and your work — and for the past two decades Award-Winning Widget Maker John Doe has been the widget-maker of choice.” See how the second is focused on the reader and his dire widget needs?
  7.  Credibility matters. Ask for references and testimonials.
  8. Add a professional photo. If you’re a coach for surfer dudes, you can have a photo of yourself with a surf board. Truly, would you hire a surf board coach who was in a three piece suit? Conversely, would you hire an attorney whose profile picture showed him or her riding the waves? Probably not. Your profile pic should match your personality and your business. Update the photo at least every couple of years.

When is the last time you’ve checked your bio? Do you need help crafting a bio that shows not only your personality but your expertise? Reach out to Rex Richard. 


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