Do you know what customer experience optimization — or as we call it User Experience Optimization (UXO) — and why it matters to your site and to the overall “feeling” a visitor gets when he or she comes to your website? If you aren’t sure and if you want to know about UXO and how it enhances SEO (search engine optimization) then you need to read on.

What Is Customer Experience Optimization?

Getting your website – and that means your business – found online is more competitive than ever before. Websites are dynamic. Marketing and paying for ads is competitive. Not only do you need to deploy search engine optimization (SEO) for your site you need to have a UXO (user experience optimization) plan in mind.

It’s simple: SEO benefits you and your site. UXO benefits and enhances the visitor experience, and isn’t that what you want to happen? If a visitor has an amazing experience, he or she will come back and could convert into a sale.

How can you achieve UXO?

  1. Optimize the experience your visitor has frequently. The variety will keep them coming back.
  2. Share knowledge that benefits them
  3. Devote your attention on the customer

To understand what needs to be done to enhance the user experience on your site you need to understand what “customer experience” means. When we talk with our clients about UXO we talk about:

  1. How the customer reacts to your site
  2. What their overall perception of your site is

It’s not as simple as it sounds. How do you, after all, measure perception and reaction?

The experience encompasses:

  1. The way a customer makes a purchase on your site
  2. The interaction they have with your staff
  3. How well your brands’ products met their expectations
  4. The perception they have of you and your business and website once they complete their transaction

The customer experience is the total of the interaction and experience your customer had and the opinion he or she forms of your brand.

As a business owner whose area of expertise may not be UXO, relax because we are here to help you with its identification and implementation.

In today’s coronavirus pandemic situation it’s more important than ever for a business to offer customers a great experience. You need to show the customer you care and that starts with their initial introduction to your website.

Customers have more options available than ever before AND customers have more time on their hands to search out the brand that makes them feel good and helps them have a great experience – the first time. That initial impression will stick with a customer throughout his interaction with your business.

What experience are your customers and potential customers having at your site? If you’re not sure what your UXO is reach out and get your free SEO Analysis and let’s talk UXO.

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