There are some brands whose online, and off line, identity is so strong you know it from the first note on a commercial to the first view of a logo. Have you ever wondered what is your brand’s online identity? Have you crafted your online messaging to feed and bolster your brand identity?

It’s more than a log or an image or a sound byte that makes a brand identity identifiable. It’s the brand’s tone and voice.

What are tone and voice?

 In a nutshell: 

  1. “Voice” is how you express your brand personality. It is the adjectives you use to describe the brand. It is the way in which you post status updates and/or comments. Are you snarky? Serious? Deadpan? Middle of the road?
  2. “Tone” is the way in which you apply your brand’s voice on your social media platforms.

Who cares about tone and voice? Well, if you don’t, you should. A potential client will appreciate hearing about the products you’re selling but they want to know YOU. Consumers today want to feel a connection with the person behind the brand. Your voice and your tone will help you to connect.

 How can you find voice and your tone for your brand?

 Ask yourself, or brainstorm with your team, on the following:

  1. Know what your company values are
  2. What sets you apart from other brands? In other words what is your unique sales proposition?
  3. How do you want others to think of your brand when they talk about you?
  4. Who is your ideal client?
  5. How do you want to portray your brand on social media?
  6. What terms do you NOT want applied to your brand? (cheap, middle of the road, etc.)

Exercise: Choose seven adjectives that describe your brand. Apply them when you’re using your voice and tone on social media.

Have you given your brand and its tone and voice much thought? If you haven’t you may be missing out on potential opportunities. Do this exercise today. Email us if you need help developing your brand and your voice.


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