Did you ever wonder why blogging is still relevant for marketing? We have never thought it was out of fashion, but we know some of our clients still haven’t fully embraced it as part of an overall marketing strategy, and we think they are missing out.

When you have an effective and consistent blogging strategy and it is integrated into your overall marketing plan it will drive traffic to your site and generates new business for many savvy bloggers. Your own blog is a profitable and measurable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Here are our favorite reasons why you should be using your blog as a home base of operations for your marketing.

  1. You OWN your blog. If you say something that a social media platform doesn’t agree with, they can kick you off and shut down your account. You own your blog and you are building your business on ground you own.
  2. Attract new customers to your business by letting them see and read all about what you do.
  3. Build community around your business through sharing information and insight on your blog platform.
  4. Build your reputation as a go-to expert.
  5. Your blog shows your authenticity.
  6. Your blog gives you content to share on your other social media platforms. Your blog should be the hub of all your marketing.
  7.  Use your blog as a promotion hot spot.
  8. A blog that is updated with regular relevant content makes you appear credible and your business viable.
  9. Your blog is where you can get people to sign up for your newsletter and can turn into customers.

  Is blogging part of your marketing strategy? If not, why not. If you have been blogging, are you seeing a return on your investment? Do you need help strategizing a way to incorporate your blog into all the rest of your marketing. 

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