Love them or hate them, website pop-ups and sign-ups that pop up remain on websites because they work. Why do website pop-ups work? Because they are right there, in the face of the visitor to your site and it prompts them to take action. The visitor doesn’t have to look around and decide if they want to get on your email list, the pop-up helps remove the barrier to entry.

Web owners and some web marketers despise pop-ups but not many can deny that they are effective. If they weren’t effective, they would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago. Using a pop-up effectively is a puzzle to be unraveled but if you use them correctly your subscriber base will likely soar.

Why do they work and what should you put in your pop-up?

  1. Great content
  2. A free download
  3. Something that engages them
  4. Offer a solution to their pain point
  5. Entice them with the copywriting on the signup box

The challenge of content marketing remains, how to keep your website visitors engaged and coming back.

Why Do Website Pop-ups Work?

Having a prospect gives you their email address is pure marketing gold. They’ve invited you into their inbox and want to get to know you better. You may have “lured ” them in with a great freebie, but you can nurture them along and keep them with you by continuing to be a valued and trusted resource.

Here are some effective pop-up tips:

  • “Submit your name here…” Yawn. No one wants to opt into a boring sign-up. Do you? Be fun. Tease upcoming content so they want more.
  • Don’t say, “Get your weekly newsletter here” if you plan to email them every single day of the week.
  • Don’t offer “clickbait” or misleading headlines to get them to opt-in. “Sign up here to learn how to make $1,000 in 10 minutes!” No one wants to be misled or lied to. If you’re offering a free download, make sure you deliver on your promise and the promise is sustainable. You want to be with them for the long haul.
  • Brand the pop-up so they know they’re not being spammed by something else. The pop-up should mimic the look and feel of your site.
  • Don’t interrupt the reader by having the pop-up pop up when they’re reading a blog post — for example. Offer the pop-up when they’re getting ready to leave the site or when they’ve been on the site for a specific time.
  • If you have visitors who come back to your site regularly make sure they don’t continually get served up the pop-up. Use a program that recognizes IP addresses and doesn’t keep showing up every time.

Are you using pop-ups on your site? Are they effective? Are you sure you’re using it correctly? Contact Rex Richard for a site audit and quote to help take your marketing to another level.

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