At the end of the day do you look at what you’ve done and feel a sense of satisfaction? Do you look at what you’ve done and wonder… what did you do? Why do you waste time? Yes, there are some people who truly do waste time — they scroll through social media or watch television or stare out the window.

What we’re talking about are those days when you don’t know why you didn’t get anything done. Those days when you truly felt you were productive, but you left that one big project with the looming deadline unfinished. Maybe you’re focusing on tasks that are outside of your area of expertise. If you’re a swimming pool contractor, why are you diving into spreadsheets or sending out invoices? Isn’t there someone who is better suited to that? Is that why you’re not getting done what you need to? Because you’re doing things that are better left to others

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get bogged down in nonessential tasks and this usually comes back to procrastination and putting off an unpleasant task.

Why do you waste time?

Are you industrious? Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished? Does your to-do list never get shorter? You can’t decide whether yo’ure a time waster until you understand why you are “wasting” it.

In Ben Franklin’s “Book of Virtues” he lists “industry” as a virtue. He writes that industry is a virtue that’s needed to live a life fully realized. Are you industrious?

What does “industry” mean?

  1. Staying on task
  2. Sticking to your schedule
  3. Getting through your to do list
  4. It should also be about living your fullest and best life and that doesn’t mean always working

What can you ask yourself to help decide whether you’re living a great life and if you’re embracing “industry”? 

  1. Is the completion of the tasks on your list help you achieve your major life goal, want or need?
  2. Does the task/s require you to finish it? Can you delegate it?

On your to-do list items and goals, ask yourself the two questions above. But to truly delve deeper you need to know

  1. WHAT you want
  2. WHY you want it
  3. HOW will it bring you joy?
  4. ASK yourself what goal this brings you closer to
  5. ASK yourself why you want it (#1)
  6. ASK yourself, do you need it

If you want to feel better about yourself and your goals it’s crucial that you take the time to determine if you’re wasting time on something that you truly don’t want to do, don’t need to do, and that won’t serve you. If you’re not served why are you doing it? No one will give you a prize just because you powered through something you despised just so you could check it off your list.

Chances are you’re not wasting as much time as you think you are and if you give yourself a bit of grace and let yourself truly determine what’s going on, you will come out the other side happier and more fulfilled.

I work with my business clients in coaching programs to help them determine this and much more. Reach out to Rex Richard for a consultation. 

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