Ask any blog owner and he or she will tell you, “I hate email pop up” or “exit messages” on their sites. Ask any marketing professional and he or she will tell you why e-mail pop ups work. They are an effective marketing tool if you’re looking to grow your newsletter list.

You are looking for more newsletter sign ups, right? You know it’s more important to own your own list than it is to rely on your social media followers. If your site went away today, you’d still have your list. If your social media pages went away you’d lose everyone one and everything on that platform.

Sign ups on your email list should be part of your overall marketing strategy. If you don’t have a strategy in mind and if you don’t have email marketing as part of that strategy you’re missing out! Give us a call today and let’s not only get a strategy in place, but also an email marketing strategy.

How can you get people to want to sign up for your list?

  1. Give a great ethical bribe (a giveaway)
  2. Provide continual great content
  3. Keep them engaged

Why E-mail Pop Ups Work

Once you’re in a prospects’ inbox you want to not only stay there, but you want them to open your newsletters and click on your links.

What can you to do get names and email addresses for your list? We have a few ideas.

  • Let them know what they’re getting. Make the opt in process interesting. Rather than saying, “Submit your name and get our weekly newsletter.” Say, instead, “When you download this FREEBIE you’ll receive our occasional and ever-intriguing enewsletter! You will not want to miss this!” Or “Join more than 10,000 subscribers and be in the know.”
  • Never mislead your subscribers. If you say the email will be monthly, don’t switch to weekly. If you’ve promised tips and tricks don’t start sending them lengthy rambling messages about your life and times. If they think they are going to “get secrets to grow your list” don’t offer them tips on, “how to groom your dog.”
  • The pop up needs to be branded so the signer doesn’t think they’ve left your site.
  • If there is a visitor to your site, don’t have the sign up button pop up when they are reading an article. Don’t distract them.
  • Let them know you won’t sell their names or addresses.
  • Set up the pop up so a frequent visitor doesn’t see the message every time they come to the site.

“We” may say we don’t like exit pop ups, but “we” also know they work. Are you using a pop up on yoru site? Is the information intriguing enough to entice someone to invite you into their inbox?

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