We know we’ve asked this question before, “are you blogging for your business?” There are many individuals and business owners who start a business blog and don’t keep up with it. There are still others who have been sitting on the sidelines without a blog. We have more reasons why your business needs a blog in 2020.

You don’t have to fret or worry about where you will get content or how you will share that content. You can do it yourself or you can hire a professional who will do it on your behalf. You need to have your business participating in the conversation and we have reasons why.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog In 2020

Ready. Set. Blog. Here’s why!

  1. Your site will rank better with Google if you have active content. A blog post is “active” content and Google will search it out more readily than a site that has not been sharing useful, relevant and frequent content.
  2. Give potential customers a reason to buy. When you talk about your goods and services in the form of addressing a client’s pain point, you are on your way to making a sale.
  3. Show potential customers why they need what you do. It’s better to “show than to tell” when it comes to blog posts. No one wants to be talked at or preached to, but they do want to see how what you’re doing and selling will help make their lives easier.
  4. You’ll be giving yourself more information to share on social media. When you write a blog post you are creating content that should be shared on all of your social media platforms. The blog post can be broken up into bullet points and quotes and made into graphics and you will have more content to share.
  5. You will be seen as an expert. If you’re writing content and your competition isn’t, your site will rank higher and you will be seen as the expert because you’re sharing great information about what you do. Conversely, if your competition is blogging and you aren’t who do you think a potential customer will think is the expert?

Start a conversation. Grow your community. Increase sales. These, and more, are all items a blog can do for you. If you’re not sure where to start or how to start, reach out to us or leave a comment. We can help!

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